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About Us

Sassafras Daylilies is a small, back yard hobby garden. We hybridize for the best tetraploid daylilies; hardy, and colorful. Our ultimate goal is to produce the best bi-colored, re-blooming daylilies available.

Our hybridizing is done in an open garden. In the hot, humid South Carolina weather occasionally the summer temperature will be as high as 105ºF, and with very high humidity. This kind of weather is a set up for a no seed series. The winter climate on the other hand, has a yo-yo effect; the temperature goes from hot to cold many times during the winter. Therefore, we consider our plants to be a very hardy lot. For those familiar with the zone system of weather areas, the garden is located in zone 7B, northern South Carolina.

Sassafras is a state inspected garden. And, we love visitors, but due to travel scheduling, we can be away from the garden occasionally. So, please call or e-mail prior to visiting; make sure the garden is attended and we can visit with you. We do look forward to visiting with everyone.

If you purchase daylilies from us and are not satisfied with the order, just return them with the original labels attached for a full refund. Mark your calendars, as our peak bloom season is the first two weeks of June, but we have re-bloom until frost. On a personal note; I do not text.

Just a reminder: All plants are Tetraploids.

Thank you for visiting our site, we look forward to hearing from you!

Floyd Boatwright


My Background

Sassafras Daylilies, owned by Floyd Boatwright, is basically a hobby garden.  We hybridize modern tetraploid daylilies, and specialize in bi-tone and bi-colored daylilies.  However, we also take what mother nature give's us and run with it.  I have been working with daylilies since the middle 1950’s, when my Grandmother encouraged me to grow and care for my own flowers.  I've had flowers ever since.  

In 1966 I was drafted into the military and spent a year in Vietnam.  After returning home it took a couple of years to get my head uncorked from the military and a subsequent move to Hartsville, South Carolina.  After settling in I bought more unnamed daylilies just because of their beauty.  As the years went by I learned more about them and became enamored of many registered cultivars.  In 1986 I pulled up all the plants without names and composted them and have only purchased named varieties since.  In 1990 the hybridizing bug bit me, and the rage was on!  At one time I had approximately 1000 different cultivars.

I retired in 2002 and continued with the large number of cultivars I was growing until 2012 when I reduced the number to about 150, the majority of which were my own introductions.  Today, I still try to grow about 1800 – 2000 seedlings, which is a good number for something that was supposed to be just a hobby.  That being said, in the South Carolina summer, sometimes even that seems like too many!

Thank you very much for visiting the site and we look forward to hearing from you,

Floyd Boatwright