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Instructions for Order Form
You will find the Order Form directly below.  Under that is a PDF document.  Click on it and you will be able to view and download the form to your computer.  You will also be able to print it and mail it in with your payment.  The Price List page also includes directions for filling in the corresponding rows and columns for each daylily.  Please include those in the "Row" and "Loc #" on the Order Form.  The directions are also found next to the Order Form below.
All prices are for double fans (df/DF) unless otherwise noted with "S" for single fan in the price column. 
We do not accept Paypal at this time.  Forms of payment accepted are Money Orders or Personal Checks.
After filling in your order please mail it together with your payment to:
Floyd Boatwright
2249 N. 5th St.
Hartsville, SC 29550-7846
Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!
Form Columns

Col. A is the Row # for the individual plants in your order-- please include when ordering
Col. B is the Location # of each plant -- please include the "Loc #" when ordering
Col. C is the current numbers of plants available for sale
D is the Cultivar Name
E is the Hybridizer and Year of Registration
F is the Current Price of Each
G is the Description -- These may be abbreviated to fit the form
 "S" after the price means they are sold as a single fan, "SF/sf"

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, either by email or phone.  

Thank you!

Floyd Boatwright
843 332-1402
or email: